Richard and James were delighted to be invited to The Drive Bowls Club on Saturday 27th April as we are one of their Club Sponsors to help open the new season.  We have supported  the club since 2019 and each year either James or Richard have been present. This year ir was nice to go together and we had a  lovely lunch which was all homemade and put together by the members and were shown around the club and everyone was so friendly.  The club has made a huge investment recently with their new all-weather green which means that they are able to play all year round within reason. It is the envy of all the other clubs.

Richard was delighted to  to be asked to  “roll up the first woods” of the new season.  Derek Budde and David Sanders were there to give him advice and training before hand!
The other club sponsors are – A1 cars, Baked Brunch Cafe and Place Farm Care Home.