Certificate Presentation

Alice presenting Richard with a Certificate of Appreciation

Based in Brighton & Hove, Team Domenica is a charity and specialist further education college that supports people with learning disabilities to acquire the skills, confidence and independence they need to access meaningful employment.

Founder and Chair Baroness Rosa Monckton MBE – whose youngest daughter, Domenica, has Downs Syndrome – set up Team Domenica in 2016, after Domenica finished college and found that there were very few accessible employment opportunities open to her. They discovered that Domenica was far from alone, and founded Team Domenica to help people with learning disabilities find and retain employment.

Eight years on, and Team Domenica now delivers tailored and impactful employment programmes to over 100 people with learning disabilities – known as their ‘candidates’, to better reflect their status as people ready for work. These programmes prepare candidates for the workplace through class-based learning, enrichment and in-house training across their three training cafés (Café Domenica) and coffee roastery. They also partner with 60 local businesses across Sussex, including Premier Inn, Pizza Pilgrims and Brighton i360, to create accessible work placements and employment opportunities – working towards a future where all people with learning disabilities can access meaningful employment and achieve their full potential.

Their proudest achievement is that, since 2016, 81% of candidates have achieved paid work through their Supported Internship Programme – compared to a national employment rate of just 4.8% of adults with a learning disability (NHS Digital, 2022).

But that’s not all. Team Domenica also provides lifetime support to candidates in employment, helping them grow their career or sustain the jobs they love. In fact, nationally, just 25% of people with learning disabilities who complete supported internships are still in employment after one year. At Team Domenica, 95% of candidates remain in their role for a year or more.

“It’s hard to describe how proud I am for getting a job. It’s something I never thought I’d achieve, and now it just feels so amazing.” – Katie, candidate and Brighton i360 employee

“We are very excited to begin our partnership with Bungard Funeral Directors! The support of incredible local businesses is what makes our work possible, and all the money raised will help Team Domenica to continue creating brighter futures for people with learning disabilities in our shared Brighton & Hove community” Alice Caldecott, Fundraising Manager