What you can expect to pay

We can help you to arrange a funeral anywhere within Sussex and surrounding areas.
We can help you put together a farewell that’s meaningful and relevant to you; whether that’s a simple ceremony, a traditional funeral or a personalised celebration of life.

We offer a simple and affordable package covering the essentials. Guided and supported by our experienced team, you can add extras to make the funeral fit your needs. We don’t try to sell you anything you don’t want or need; all we care about is helping you to put together a funeral which works for you.

1. Bungard Care

All of our funerals start with a base fee for our professional services which is


This covers

  • Everything we do for you in the days and weeks leading up to the service, including our initial meeting and any subsequent visits to the office or to your home, phone calls, emails,  whatever is needed.
  • Making all of the funeral arrangements, completion of all legal documentation and paying all of the third party fees on your behalf such as doctors, crematorium or minister for example.
  • It also covers bringing your loved one into our care from anywhere in Sussex and the use of our private visiting room and any care that may be required.
  • You have our ongoing advice, support and guidance available to you at any time.
  • It also includes your personal funeral director and a full team of  bearers to attend the funeral service and a chauffeur driven contemporary hearse to transport your loved one on the day.

We also provide Bungard aftercare to our families should you find that you need a little extra help in the days and weeks after the funeral has taken place. We can provide you with practical and emotional assistance.

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2. Disbursements (3rd Party Costs)

Cremation or burial

The cost of cremation or burial is considered to be a disbursement – a third party cost which we pay on your behalf before the funeral takes place.

Cremation Fee

There are two crematoria in Brighton and Hove and others in Sussex. The cost of cremation varies widely throughout Sussex. You can see the different crematoria in Sussex here. You don’t need to choose the crematorium that’s local to you.

Fees vary throughout Sussex from £678 to £1070. Extra fees apply for double service time and weekend services. Early morning services are often cheaper. See Crematoria Page for more. 

Doctors Fees (cremation only)

By law, two doctors must confirm the cause of death before a cremation can go ahead. If the coroner is involved, this is not necessary.

Update: Due to Covid 19 only one Doctor is currently needed changing the Doctor fees from £164 to £82.


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Burial Fee

The cost of burial varies widely throughout Sussex depending on which cemetery or natural burial ground you choose, and whether you’re a resident of that particular borough. It’s also possible to bury someone on private land, although there are certain restrictions.

Fees vary throughout Sussex. Please see Burial Options page for more details. .

Officiant Choices

If you decide to have a funeral service, you can choose the kind of ceremony you’d like and who you’d like to take it. The process of putting the funeral together can help you to grieve. Sitting down with friends and relatives to share stories, taking time to write a tribute or gathering photos for the order of service is as important as the actual funeral itself


We can recommend a celebrant to work with you to create a unique and highly personalised funeral that reflects the life of the person who has died, regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs (non-religious, spiritual, interfaith, civil, humanist, pagan, multi-faith and others). See our experienced and highly recommended celebrants here.

From £220

Religious Service

We have experience in conducting funerals for many different faiths and cultures and can also facilitate multi-faith funerals.

From £206

Image of funeral service
Family/ Friend Led

Funerals don’t have to follow a particular structure or format and you don’t have to have a formal service. You could play a few favourite songs and sit in a reflective silence, or you may choose to encompass a favourite pastime, passion or cause into the service. You can even lead the funeral service yourself or ask a friend or relative to do so. You can put together a ceremony that truly reflects your loved one and appoint a flexible celebrant to assist you with certain elements such as how to structure it. There are many ways to make a family led service something to really remember.

3. Bungard Options

Coffin Choices

Veneered Coffins

Veneered coffin options which can be customised to your needs.

From £360

Wooden Coffins

Solid wood coffins which can be customised to your needs

From £815

Woven Coffins

Willow, bamboo and seagrass

From £815

Contemporary Coffins

Choose from a huge range of beautiful designs, or let us help you create your own completely personal coffin.

From £815


Black Hearse


Black limousine

From £265

Ford Tourneo Hearsette

Deduct £40 fom our fees

Silver Hearse and Limousine

£295 per vehicle

Rainbow Mercedes Hearse


Pink Mercedes Hearse

From £400

Funeral Horses

2 Horses £845 – 4 Horses £1495

Motorbike Hearse

Triumph/Suzuki £895
Harley £931
Trike £1,081

Vintage Lorry


Land Rover Hearse

From £750

Frieda the Rustic VW Camper Van


Your own car

Flowers & Funeral Stationery


We work with funeral florists who will be able to create beautiful floral tributes to your specifications.

Orders of Service

Bespoke orders of service, beautifully presented and designed by our specialist funeral stationers or printed simply for you in house . We can also create postcards, bookmarks and contemporary printed items for anyone looking for something a little different.

Additional services

Weekend Funeral

We charge a weekend supplement to cover additional team costs at weekends.


Coffin Handling Fee

If you decide to supply your own coffin, we will charge a handling fee to cover the costs of receiving the delivery, preparation and storage.


Collection & Holding of Ashes

If required, we can collect the ashes from the crematorium and deliver to your address (within Brighton and Hove).