MyCameraBW2_mediumPhotography and the documentation of day-to-day life is becoming increasingly popular and almost everyone nowadays owns a camera of some form. Wherever you go, it seems that there’s always somebody trying to capture something through the art of photography. We are in a modern world where many of us deem it necessary to document every single thing we go through in life. It’s almost as though we are scared that one day we may forget a memory and want some sort of photographic evidence that something did actually happen and that we did, once upon a time, experience a particular event. Photographers, whether professionally trained or not, are commonly found at special events and occasions such as weddings and birthday parties encapsulating happy moments such as a newly wed couple’s first dance or a child blowing out candles for the very first time. So, if we insist on keeping a record of every event and happy occasion, then why should the documentation of a loved one’s funeral be any different? Whether you think it’s a comforting idea or grimace at the thought, funeral photography is becoming increasingly popular.