House of MoneyThey say that the only things you can be certain of in life are death and taxes.

But despite this, nine out of ten people aged 55 and over still don’t have a funeral plan in place.

As the cost of dying rises for the tenth year in a row, death must be addressed ahead of time so that plans can be made in advance.

If you fail to do so, the burden – both financially and in terms of making the funeral arrangements themselves – could fall to your loved ones.

With savings returns being no match for inflation, putting money away in the bank is unlikely to keep up with rising funeral costs.

In order to offset the burgeoning cost of dying, a growing number of people are now taking out pre-paid funeral plans.

Pre-paying effectively freezes the price for the plan holder on the day of purchase. The money is invested in a Trust, which pays the funeral director when the time comes.

At just over £3,000, a typical funeral plan is arguably one of the most sensible purchases that someone in retirement can make. Not only does it reassure people that they will get the funeral that they want, but it will almost certainly save their family money, too.

Of course, not everyone can afford to pay out £3,000 in one go, so there are options to pay in instalments for between 12 months and ten years or longer, although extra charges can apply.

Funeral plans save money and provide peace of mind, but it’s strongly advisable to buy a plan from a company that is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, to help you decide what’s best for your money and your family.

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